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Torngat Mountains National Park

6 or 9 nights - Limited to 20 people

Canada’s newest national park is one of the world’s oldest places. The Torngat Mountains National Park, situated at the northern extremity of the Labrador coast, forms a range of high barren mountains and massive coastal fjords. The Torngats are a wild place where polar bears, wolves and caribou survive in a habitat that is breathtakingly spectacular. There are stunning mountain top lakes, tiny, delicate flora such as mountain cranberries and Arctic poppies and magnificent rock formations. There are only two places in the world exhibiting rock formations older thanthose found here – the Northwest Territories and Australia. It is one of the few places where polar bears can be seen during the summer and there are a number of them. Polar bears, sometimes with their cubs, are seen, however as with all wildlife this cannot be guaranteed. In addition to bears, Minke and Humpback whales are often seen. Click here to read about Richard Maddens adventure in Torngat National Park.

The park is the traditional homeland of the most southerly population of Inuit in the circumpolar world. The Inuit believe that Torngat, one of their most powerful spirits, dwells here. They will share their experiences and traditional ways with you.The main attractions of the area are the incredible landscapes, the day trips, overnight trips, the Inuit culture and history and the incredible wildlife sightings. Every guest should take at least one helicopter trip. The ‘expedition’ part is important and as a tourist, it feels as if you are on an expedition (with scientists alongside) with glimpses into one of the most remote parts of the planet, which, until now, has been very difficult to reach. Daily excursions are arranged and guests can choose to take an overnight hiking trip into the mountains, but flexibility is the key as the excursions can be affected by weather. 

The fishing is out of this world, even for an amateur and the Arctic char which are found in the area are delicious to eat. Accommodation at Torngat is simple but comfortable. You will be staying in permanent tents and there is a central shower and toilet unit. Scientists are based at Torngat which makes the experience all the more interesting. Full breakfast and dinner are served buffet-style and each day you can make up your own sandwiches for lunch. The camaraderie at Base Camp is very strong so it helps to be gregarious and to get to know everyone early on as this really pays back and you feel very quickly part of a close-knit group. Torngat National Park is reached by plane from Goose Bay in Labrador, your first and last night will be spent in Goose Bay. A trip to Torngat can be combined with visits to other parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canada.

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Dates Mid June to end of August                                                

from £4,115 per person for 6 nights in an insualted canvas tent

from £5,630 per person for 9 nights in an insulated canvas tent

Price Includes: 2 nights in Goose Bay on room only at the Hotel North (one at the beginning and one at the end), 4 or 7 nights in Torngat National Park which includes round trip flight from Goose Bay to Saglek Airstrip, boat transfer to the camp, accommodation in an insulated tent built on wooden platforms and heated with a wood pellet stove. They feature electricity as well as beds with soft feather duvet bedding, all meals at base camp and all guided excursions.

Not Included: International flights from the UK to Goose Bay, meals in Goose Bay, gratuities and items of a personal nature.

We would highly recommend adding a helicopter trip to your stay, we can arrange this for you. We would also recommend extending your stay with a few days in Newfoundland for a nominal cost.


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